Program of Direct Offset addressing in Assembly Language

A program written in assembly language comprises of a progression of memory helper processor guidelines and meta-proclamations (referred to differently as orders, pseudo-directions and pseudo-operations), remarks and information. Assembly language guidelines as a rule comprise of an opcode mental helper pursued by a rundown of information, contentions or parameters. These are made an interpretation of by a constructing agent into machine language directions that can be stacked into memory and executed..Code of the direct offset addressing in assembly language is given below.

.model flat
.stack 1024

b byte “Zain Malik”

main proc
;Direct offset addressing

mov al , b
mov bl , b+12
mov b+12 , al
mov b , bl
mov al , b+1
mov bl , b+11
mov b+11 , al
mov b+1 , bl
mov al , b+2
mov bl , b+10
mov b+10 , al
mov b+2 , bl
mov al , b+3
mov bl , b+9
mov b+9 , al
mov b+3 , bl
mov al , b+4
mov bl , b+8
mov b+8 , al
mov b+4 , bl
mov al , b+5
mov bl , b+7
mov b+7 , al
mov b+5 , bl

main endp
end main


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