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Student Financial Aid Project in Php

Student Financial Aid Project: Student financial aid project  provides the scholarship opportunities to the bright student who will be on the merit. The system contains the aid or the scholarship from the the NGO’s  as well as from the reputed institutes like HEC Need Based Scholarship, US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PHD Scholarship Program and Pak-Sri Lanka Higher

Socket Programming || Networks || Java

 The File Transfer Protocol  in Socket Programming is used to transfer files between two computers over a network and Internet. In this article we will look at how to work with  FTPclient. FTP Manager is an advanced FTP client that  transfers the file between your computer and the FTP server.       Source Code: File Server Main:  import; import;

Selection Sort | Sort Code | Sorting Algorithms Java

Selection sort is simple sorting algorithm. This Sort code is a set up correlation based calculation in which the array is divided into two sections, the arranged part at the left end and the unsorted part at the right end. At first, the arranged part is vacant and the unsorted part is the whole array.Code

Library Management System in Java | Source Code

This is a Library management system consist of data of the registered students and the staff of library as well as the Collection of books while Each student have its own unique id and password used to issue the book to the desired amount of time. There are many collections in this code like Electrical

Program of Binary Tree in Java

Binary tree is a data structure who hava at most 2 children often called the right node and the left node.Each node (excluding a root) in a tree is associated by a coordinated edge from precisely one other node. This node is known as a parent. Then again, every node can be associated with discretionary

Bubble sort program in java

Bubble sorting  as known as sink sorting  is an east and simple sorting algorithm. This sorting algorithm is correlation based algorithm in which each pair of adjacent element is compared and the elements are swapped if they are not the right sequence. This algorithm is not good for the large data sets and not efficient

Heap Sort Java

A Heap is an extraordinary Tree-based information structure in which the tree is a proper binary tree. By and large, Heaps can be of two kinds: Max-Heap:  In a Max-Heap the key present at the root hub must be most noteworthy among the keys present at all of it’s youngsters. A similar property must be

Program in Java to find maximum of 3 numbers

A method /function is  defined by the user as per the requirement of the user/ programmer . To implement a user define function , a programmer must contain the following  statements .  Function initialization  Method call  i-e  math.max(); Here, the code of the maximum of 3 numbers by using max function is given below: Program

Insertion Sort Program in Java

Insertion sort is easy and simple algorithm that generate the final sorted array (or list) one item at a time. The array is looked successively and unsorted things are moved and embedded into the arranged sub-list . This algorithm is not suitable for large data sets than more advaned algo’s like quick and heap sorting